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Authors name: Crystal Brooks Story title : My First Time Part Two

= This work is
ed to the author 2000. = Please do not remove the author
information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to
noncommercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
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My First Time (Part Two) By Crystal

I was shocked, stunned. I'd just been totally involved in my first
masturbation session that had led to my first delicious orgasm and it was
all because I was thinking about my Mum and Dad having sex and here I
was, naked on my bed, still calming down from the emotional roller coaster
of cumming to find my Mum in the room.

It was too much, I wasn't feeling guilty at mu nakedness, but I did feel
somewhat ashamed that I had been fantasising about my Dad making love to me
as I brought myself off. I started to cry.

"I'm sorry Mum..." I started to blub.

My Mum came to me quickly, sat on the bed and hugged me hard for a
minute or two until my sobs subsided and I returned to normal. Then she
broke the embrace so that she could look at me and I could see her mouth.

"Oh, baby," she said "Don't cry, its me who should be apologising for
being in your room I thought something was wrong, we heard you cry out.
When I saw you playing with yourself I was just transfixed!"

My heart leapt a little, the tables had been turned on me I had been
the voyeur earlier on in the day, watching her and my Dad fuck each other.
Now she had caught me.

"You're not mad, then?" I asked

"Of course not, baby" she both spoke and signed."It was very special to
watch you, I hope you forgive me for watching it was very beautiful"

Once again I started to cry and instinctively held her tight again,
aware now that she smelled so good. I loved my Mum so much, we got on so
well, sometimes it was like she was an older sister. I knew so many of my
friends who just battled with their parents, but it wasn't like that for
me. Where we were now, sitting on the bed, reminded me of a time a couple
of years earlier when my Mum had told me all about sex in an open and
honest way. It hadn't meant much at the time, but now I felt that my whole
being wanted to know all about sex. But I knew I had to be honest with
Mum, even if it meant her hating me for it.

I pulled away from her again. "I have to tell you something" I said

"What is it, sweetheart?"

"I saw you and Dad this evening, having sex." I had to go further. "I
stayed and watched you"

"I know" my Mum replied "I saw you"

If I was stunned before, it was nothing compared to how I felt now. I
couldn't believe it.

"You what?? You knew?? Why didn't you say anything"

"To be honest" my Mum replied "I enjoyed it, it turned me to know you
were watching. God, I really came hard knowing you were watching, baby."

"What did Dad say?"

"He didn't know you were there, and I didn't tell him. I think he had
other things on his mind!"

I laughed at that , and that did the trick. I didn't feel bad about
what I had done I was kind of pleased that Mum had enjoyed me watching.

"Yeah, he did look kind of wrapped in his work. You both looked like
you were having fun"

"Crys, your father is the best lover in the world. I hope you get to
know what that feels like, soon"

I almost choked. Did she know what I had been thinking about my Dad,
thinking about his hard cock drilling deep into my body. Or was I
overeacting surely she meant that one day I would know what a good lover
was. Either way it was shaky ground we were treading. I was lost for
words, my Mum broke the silence.

"Did you like what you saw?"

I saw no reason to hide the truth from her, we had gone so far into this
now for lies or deception.

"It was beautiful to watch you both" I replied "To see your bodies,
naked, enjoying each other made me get so hot. Thats why I was playing
with myself tonight, I never knew my body could respond the way it did,
like that. But I felt a bit guilty, because I was thinking of you two as I
was playing with myself."

Mum smiled, a beautiful thing to see.

"You shouldn't feel guilty, sweetie. In fact I'm pleased. I'm going to
tell you something now, Crys, something that not even your father knows. I
want to tell you so that you will know I understand how you are feeling.
When I was about the age you are now I lost my virginity to a beautiful
man, a man I had loved for so long and who I knew loved me. It was the
most precious thing in the world, and it meant so much to me. There is a
big difference between making love and having sex, and the first time you
allow a man to touch you, you should be comfortable knowing that it is with
someone who loves you deeply."

I kept quiet, sensing I was going to hear (or at least see signed)
something amazing, but not quite sure what it was. I didn't have to wait

"Crys, my first lover was your Granddad my father. Crys, I'm telling
you this because I think when you saw your Dad this evening your reaction
was one of lust and love all mixed up am I right?"

"Yes." I replied "I was thinking of Dad making love to me when I had my

"Is it something you want to pursue further, Crys, or would you rather
just leave it alone. I don't mid, its your decision, but I want you to
know that I would support and help you in whatever you decide. In fact, I
should be honest, I would encourage you to make love to your Dad I can
think of no better man to instruct and teach you of the joys of sex than
someone who loves you so dearly."

I was dumbfounded, but I also knew how excited I was. I became aware
that for the last couple of years I had been very attracted to my Dad, but
had in so many ways repressed those feelings, thinking them improper. The
thought of being able to give into them with my Mums blessing was almost
too much to comprehend.

"Does Dad know about this?"

"No, he doesn't. But I know him well, and after his initial shock I
know he will accept the idea and love you the way you need to be loved.
Deep down, I think most fathers lust over their own daughters most are
just too afraid to admit it even to themselves. There are a few things
we need to do first but if you are sure then I will help you. OK? I'll
leave you now and let you think about it you can let me know what you
think in the morning."

And with that she bent over, kissed me gently on my forehead and left.
It was the most remarkable evening of my life. Once again my mind started
to think of all the things the two of us had shared. My mind kept telling
me that I was wrong to be thinking the way I did about my own father, but
in my heart I knew that I wanted him to make love to me more than anything
else in the world.

The next morning (after just a little sleep) I told Mum that I wanted to
go ahead with the plan. She told me she was so pleased, and that we would
do something in a few days that she needed to prepare Dad right. I had
no idea what that meant. Later I found out that she had really teased my
Dad about his feelings for me getting him to open up that he really
wanted to make love to me. She even role played with him calling him
"Daddy" when they were making love to the point that he was getting
excited at the thought of screwing me.

About a week after I had caught them in bed and had had my own first
orgasm, my Mum came to my room at about 10pm.

"Crys if you're still keen to do this, come into our room in about
fifteen minutes. OK?"

I nodded my acceptance. The next fifteen minutes were the longest of my
life. I was so nervous I could feel my heart pounding. I had no idea what
to expect, and no idea if I should go in naked or not. I decided against
that, just putting my oversize T on that I normally slept in and a pair of
lacy knickers. After 15 minutes I crept down the hallway to my parents
room and very gently opened the door. For the second time in a week I saw
my parents making love.

My Dad was laid out on the bed naked, except for a black scarf around
his eyes and pair of earphones connected to a Walkman. ( I later learnt
that he was listening to the sounds of a very vocal couple making love I
have no idea where Mum found that!!). Mum was bent over him, wearing a
sexy negligee and she was in the middle of kissing him lightly along the
length of his body. She saw me and motioned me to come over and be quiet.
Of course I had no idea how quiet I was being, and my heart was pounding so
much I'm sure that it could be heard next door. I crept over to her, my
eyes fixed on my Dad and more specifically the hardness and length of his
cock that was stood to attention a living testimony to the skill with
Mum had aroused him. She looked at me, looked at Dads cock then licked her
lips with a smile. Then she continued to administer light kisses to him
again, working her way down his chest to his stomach and the kissing the
head of his cock, which responded slightly to her mouth. I crept closer
still. This was the first time I had seen a mans cock I was very
impressed with what I saw. I would guess he was about seven inches big,
but his girth was also large. (Since then, of course, I have been with
larger guys but at the time it looked like a monster!!!). As I was
watching my mother proceeded to give my Dad a blow job. She nibbled the
top of his cock ever so ightly and then ran her tongue down the shaft to
his balls then licked up the underside of his cock. I noticed it twitch
uncontrollably at her touch. Then when her mouth was at the top of his
cock, she took him in her mouth, just the head, licked it like it was an
ice cream and then slowly brought her head down and took him inch by inch
about halfway. Then she bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

All the while she was doing this she looked at me to see what my
reactions were. I think she could tell I was turned on like crazy. I knew
my nipples were straining against my TShirt their erectness giving away
my excitement. She released Dad's cock from her mouth and smiled "Your
turn" she signed "Still keen?"

My reply was my smile and I drew closer to them both my Dad still
oblivious that I was even in the room. I could turn back now Dad would
never know. I had to make my mind up quickly. I knew there was really no
choice I was going to make love to my Dad

Continued in Part Three

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Sex Film Sex story

By Deana Johns

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Bottom line on this, is that if anybody makes money off of this, then
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[My lawyer used to be the corporate lawyer for one of the major long
term rock bands and he's been real grumpy (read; hungry) since their
lead singer died. He even scares me! He has lots of experience dealing
with big time copywrite law. So if you think yours is better, they
can duke it out at your expense if you lose. I'm not out to milk
anybody, but I will protect my intellectual property rights.]

Comments are desired, welcome, and helpful. I especially like to hear
from women. Please reply to: deanajohns at softcom dot net
By Deana Johns
Part 4 of 7

My career moved along as I got older; I worked at a local Television
station in a medium large market.

The market is just large enough to afford some really stunning
"Talent" in the news department. Jeanie the main anchor lady is a slim
stunning blonde with a firm body, but rather smallish tits. Deborah,
the morning anchor lady, is brunette and also stunning. She, however,
has no shortage of lung capacity. Add to these two Linda, the long
tall blonde weather lady with major hooters and you can see that my
days were filled with constant hardons. All of the "Talent" were
supposedly happily married, so kept I my distance.... At first.!

I worked in production control. This is a room where commercials are
made. There is also a large multiple use stage area with lots of
cameras. I was working late one night on a mix down on a furniture
commercial. It was really late as I was finishing up.

I was about to shut down for the night when a movement on one of the
monitors caught my eye; Jeanie was entering the stage door followed by

I figured that they were going to go over some notes or something, but
then Jeanie turned and locked the door behind them.

Intrigued, I punched in a blank tape.

The lights on the stage were still on, so the light was good for the

I watched as Jeanie led Linda by the hand towards the stage. As they
reached the stage Jeanie turned towards Linda and to my utter
amazement started kissing her.

I sprung into action and zoomed in the remote ceiling camera and
switched to it. Then I punched two more tapes into other machines and
started them rolling.

Now I had three remotely operated cameras feeding onto three different
tapes. As long as I didn't move the cameras my presence in the control
room wouldn't be detected. I punched up the audio from several mikes
and added them to the video (first making sure the monitors were off
in the studio). Now I just sat back to enjoy the show.

From the way that they were kissing, it was obvious that they were hot
for each other. Linda moved her hands down to Jeanie's ass and
squeezed her cheeks as Jeanie slid one of her hands onto one of
Linda's large tits.

Jeanie pulled back a little and unbuttoned Linda's blouse. As she
pulled the blouse off, Linda's large jugs were struggling to pop out
of her bra. Jeanie then unzipped Linda's slacks and slid them down.
Linda stepped out of them as she kicked off her shoes. This put them
more eye to eye, as Linda was a tall lady. She was now clad in only a
pink bra and skimpy pink panties.

Jeanie pulled off her blazer and started to unzip her skirt, but Linda
approached her and reached behind and pulled it up in back until she
could get her hands into Jeanie's panties. She slid the panties down
and Jeanie stepped out of them.

Linda picked them up and brought them to her face as Jeanie unfasten
her top. As she pulled the blouse over her head she revealed a powder
blue bra that matched the panties that Linda was now licking. They
both matched Jeanie's eyes.

Linda cast them aside as she reached around and opened the clasp on
Jeanie's bra. As it came away I zoomed one of the cameras in on
Jeanie's now exposed tiny tits. Small they were, but well shaped with
a nice large nipple standing erect on each one.

Linda now opened Jeanie's skirt and let it drop, I was in seventh
heaven. Jeanie was now dressed only in light blue garter belt, black
stockings and heels. Her soft blonde triangular patch of pubic hair
framed by the garter belt.

Jeanie reached up to open the front of Linda's bra. As the clasp gave
way a beautiful set of 37 D's came into view. Linda also had nice
nipples! They were dark brown with hard, protruding centers.

They kissed again as Jeanie's hands found Linda's breasts.

Linda stroked Jeanie down her sides and back and slid her hands under
the cheeks of Jeanie's firm little ass.

They were kissing deeply, sharing each others tongues.

I kept one camera zoomed in on their faces and the others on their
tits and Jeanie's ass.

Linda had slipped one hand in front and the other between Jeanie's
legs from behind.

Both were breathing heavily now. I had the Audio cranked up to catch
every gasp.

Jeanie now bent to kiss and suck on Linda's plush cleavage. I zoomed
the ceiling camera back to catch this.

Jeanie hooked her thumbs in the sides of Linda's panties and slowly
eased them down revealing a beautiful patch of blonde bush.

I zoomed the ceiling camera back on Linda's up turned face. She had
her eyes closed and moaned softly as Jeanie slowly sank to her knees,
kissing and licking as she went. As her lips touched the sides of
Linda's inner thigh she let out a soft cry.

Jeanie now pushed Linda back towards a large easy chair that had been
used on the set that day. As Linda felt the chair behind her she sat
down and slid her pelvis forward, draping a leg over each arm of the

I was frantically zooming the cameras in to cover the new scenes. I
had one from the front and a little to the side that now focused on
Linda's open pussy that Jeanie was playing with. Spreading the lips as
she bent to lick it.

The other camera was now zoomed in on Jeanie's pussy from behind her.
I was grateful that all the cameras had been aimed at that chair on
the last shot in the furniture commercial! I feared that any movement
of the cameras themselves would give me away.

Jeanie now reached between her legs to finger herself as she hungrily
lapped at Linda's sopping pussy lips.

I zoomed the ceiling camera in on Linda's face and tits, which she was
now playing with. She was squeezing them and rubbing the nipples which
were already swollen and hard. She lifted one to her lips as she
licked and sucked her own nipple.

Jeanie lifted her head long enough to moan " I wished I could do
that", and then went back to her meal.

Now Linda was moaning louder as her body started to quiver and

Jeanie had other ideas as she pulled back just long enough for the
wave to subside, and then to start again to build it. She brought
Linda to the edge six times before she delved in earnest.

I zoomed in on Linda's head, she started to whip it from side to side
as her orgasm began. She thrust her hips up hard into Jeanie's face as
she cried out.

"Shhh... Quiet" said Jeanie.

"Oh right, sure! with you doing that?" Linda gasped. "besides this is
a sound proof room." she said as she pulled Jeanie up to her mouth.

" I guess so" said Jeanie as she climbed up pussy to pussy with Linda.

"Thank you, I needed that" said Linda.

"We're not through yet are we?" asked Jeanie grinding her pussy into

"Not until I get a taste of you my little darling" replied Linda as
she pulled Jeanie into a deep kiss.

"I can taste myself on your lips" she murmured through the kiss.

"Shut up and fuck me" said Jeanie.

Linda responded by putting her hands on Jeanie's ass and pulled it
around and around, grinding her pussy into Jeanie's.

Jeanie now started moaning herself as she got into rhythm with Linda.

I turned on a camera behind the chair to zoom in on Jeanie's face. I
don't know if it made a noise coming on but Jeanie opened her eyes and
looked straight into the camera. They didn't stop though. Jeanie just
kept grinding as she looked straight into the lens. If anything she
got wilder.

As she pumped harder Linda cried "What's gotten into you?".

But Jeanie just bent Linda's head back and Frenched her, sucking on
Linda's tongue and then swirling her own around it. Suddenly she cried
"eat me" and climbed up to put a knee on each arm leg as she pushed
her pussy forward towards the camera behind the chair and onto Linda's

Jeanie was pinching her nipples and thrusting her hips into Linda's
face as she once again looked into the camera.

Linda was supporting Jeanie's ass with one hand as she fingered her
pussy with the other.

Jeanie ran her tongue around her lips and then licked her fingers and
wetted them. She ran the wet fingers over her dark nipples as she
thrust her hips into Linda's face. (Almost as if she were playing to
the camera ).

Linda was getting hotter and hotter. Fingering herself now with both
hands till her hips thrust up once more, but her cry's were muffled in
Jeanie's pussy.

Jeanie started to convulse, she grabbed Linda's head and pushed it
hard into her pussy. Still, she only half closed her eyes as her body
shook and shook. The ripples rolling down her stomach, until finally
she screamed an animal scream and collapsed on top of Linda.

She slowly looked up and tenderly took Linda's head in her hands and
kissed her deeply. Then she licked her juices from Linda's face and
then kissed her deeply once more. Linda looked at Jeanie with wonder.
"Damn, what a hot little minx you turned out to be!" gasped Linda as
she still fought for her breath.

Jeanie looked up past Linda straight at the camera and said "I was
inspired..... C'mon my love. We'd better get out of here".

Jeanie crawled off of Linda and they both sorted out their clothes and
put them back on. As Linda was about to put her shoes back on Jeanie
grabbed her and hugged and Kissed her tenderly. Then pulling Linda to
her once more with her head on Linda's shoulder she looked once more
at the camera, felt Linda's ass once more, and said "Thank you for a
wonderful time". She then released her and stepped back as Linda put
on her shoes. They checked each others hair and makeup, and then
headed for the door. Linda unlocked the door and peeked out. " Nobody
here, lets go" she said stepping into the hall way.

Jeanie followed, but as she exited she turned to the camera once
more.... and winked! She then turned and left.

I found myself drenched with sweat. Shakily I reached up and turned
off all the recorders. I then ejected the tapes and punched the record
tabs out of each. I labeled them simply: 1, 2 and 3. I put them into
my brief case and closed it. Then I simply sat back and starred at the
monitors for a while until my hardon subsided. Finally I shut
everything off and went home.

I was to preoccupied to notice the single person sitting in her car
watching me leave. It did her no good as several people were working
late that night.

When I got home I set up my recorders and made dupes of all three
tapes. As I watched each of them I got hard again and couldn't help
but whack off. By the time I was done, I was totally spent. I put the
dupes in my desk behind my files and locked the drawer. I put the
masters back in my brief case and went to bed.

I awoke late. I watched the morning news as I drank my coffee. I got
hard again as Linda did the weather. She seemed more cheerful than
usual and I thought I could detect a little puffiness in her face.
"Damn wonder that's all that shows " I thought. I ignored my hard on
as I hurried off to work.

The day went fairly fast as I had a lot to do. Later that afternoon I
encountered Jeanie leaving the production room . She looked at me and
smiled slightly as she nodded her head at me and then headed for the
news room. I kept as straight a face as I could as I nodded back at
her. I went into the production room and noticed that all the camera's
had been switched on. The monitors each showed the views they had the
night before as I had left them. The last view towards the door was
punched up on the main monitor. I looked around the production room
and noticed that all the tapes were out of place as if somebody was
looking for something.

I sat down and thought to myself "Well, I was looking for a job when I
walked in the door". I wasn't really worried though. It's not the kind
of thing that she could go running to the big wigs with. I smiled to
myself and set about my work.

I finished the furniture commercial with some difficulty as my mind
kept seeing the two women in that damn chair. I then started in on the
other mix downs that I had to do. It was late again when I finished. I
had just time to get to my local watering hole and quaff a few.

The next day was a Saturday. I went into work in the afternoon with my
treasures in my brief case. I locked the door to the production room
and inserted the master tapes once more into the machines. I stuck a
blank into another machine and started the mix down. I couldn't
believe how good the shots were. I noticed that Jeanie's panties,
garter belt and bra matched the blue screen behind the set fairly
well. I played around some with various back grounds and settled on a
woodland scene by a stream. I mixed in a Leopard pacing back and forth
across the scene. As it crossed the spots rippled on Jeanie's garter
belt. And to my surprise; her eyes as well. I remixed that section so
that the Leopard looked at the viewer from Jeanie's eyes. I was the
horniest son of a bitch on earth by the time I finished the video mix.

I then selected several pieces of music that seemed to match the
scenes fairly well. Starting soft and tender, raising and falling in
unison with the action on the screen. As a final touch I had the
Leopard raise it's head and scream in unison with Jeanie's scream. The
trailing music was as mushy and sweet as I could find, with a raising
note at the end when she winked.

This was my masterpiece. I had a real honest AGrade, first rate
production . And a real dilemma; not a sole I could show it to.... or
maybe just two...... I made three dupes of the final product and
double bulk erased all the scratch tapes. I then checked each one to
be sure nothing remained.

I sealed two of the dupes up in large envelopes after labeling them:
"Wildlife Mating Habits". I marked them personal and sensitive and put
one in each of Jeanie's and Linda's "In" baskets.

I took my masters and dupes with me and left for home. I had made
certain that nobody had seen me come or go.

When I got home I carefully sealed each master and the mix down in a
double zip lock bag and then went out back and buried the lot under a
large rock. After this I went in and washed up. I locked the remaining
dupe up with the others and went off to the bar.

I woke the next morning and found one of my old girl friends lying on
my arm. As I extracted my arm she stirred and rolled close to me and
snuggled. "This is different" I thought.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "What got into you last night"
she asked yawning happily.

"I was just inspired I guess" I replied.

"God I guess so... You took me twice in that damn easy chair of yours
and twice more on the bed" she chuckled.

"We didn't perchance watch any videos did we" I asked, my heart in my

"No" she chuckled, "we didn't have time. You attacked me the minute we
hit the door".

"Oh" I said trying not to sound relieved. "What do you want for
breakfast" I asked.

"Just room for coffee" she said, "had too much tube steak last night!"

"Never too much" I called over my shoulder as I headed first to the
bath and then to make the coffee.

We had a very enjoyable day all in all.

"Whatever it was that inspired you, call me next time it happens" she
said as she left.

I was up early the next day. My dick was a little sore from all the
exercise it had had over the weekend, but I also had a pleasant glow
from the endorphins still running through me. Linda had been at work a
long time before I got there. She did her early broadcast and then
retired to her office.

I just went about my business. I passed her in the hall later in the
day. She looked a little shaken and threw a questioning glance at me
as we passed. I met it with my best blank look and kept on walking. It
could have been any number of people who had made the tape, and I
wasn't going to give it away that easily.

As soon as Jeanie came in, Linda rushed into her office closing the
door behind her. I finished my work for the day and then headed home.
I watched Jeanie's sixoclock news cast. She seemed quite distracted,
but pulled it off OK.

I remained straight faced the rest of the week. Every so often I would
catch Jeanie or Linda looking at me thoughtfully, but I noticed that
they looked at the other possibilities the same way as well. I also
would catch them looking at each other from time to time. On Friday
night as I was walking out I passed Jeanie in the hall. As I passed I
winked at her. She stopped dead in her tracks with her mouth open. I
just smiled and kept walking.

I didn't go home till late. I made a point of not getting too drunk,
and of coming home alone. As I pulled in I noticed a car with two
people in it parked in front of my place.

When I opened my door they got out and came up. I motioned them inside
and closed the door behind us. As soon as we were inside Jeanie asked
"OK What do you want?"

"Why nothing" I replied, "What do you mean? What do I want?"

"Look, you've got our careers in your hands" cried Linda.

"Whoa" I said "it's not like that at all. Just slow down and relax.
Sit down and lets talk about this."

They both looked at me dubiously. Then at each other.

I motioned towards the sofa and chairs and went to get a bottle of
wine out. When I came back they were leaning towards one another
whispering. They fell silent as I entered the room. I poured each of
them a glass of wine and one for myself. I sat in a chair across the
room and looked up at them. They both seemed very uncomfortable.
Jeanie took a sip of wine and cleared her throat. "So if it's not
blackmail then what did you make the tapes for?" she asked in a
squeaky voice.

"For myself" I replied, "It turned out so good though, I made each of
you a copy because you're the only ones I could share it with".

This seemed to take them both by surprise.

"What do you mean for yourself?" asked Jeanie. Linda just nodded
agreement with the question.

"Look" I said, "When I looked up and saw you two on the monitor, it
fulfilled half the fantasies I've had over the whole time I've worked
around you".

"And what's the other half" Linda asked suspiciously.

"Well I'm sure you could guess, but I'm not trying to force that" I

Now they both looked at me even more suspiciously.

"Why should we believe you?" asked Jeanie.

I sighed and put down my wine. I went into my den and unlocked the
drawer. I took out all the masters and the mixed down dupes. I walked
back into the living room and handed the three masters to Jeanie and
pushed the mix into the VCR.

"Those are the masters, this is the mix I made. It's the only one I
really want. I promise not to show it to anybody else or let it fall
into any body's else's hands" I said to them both.

"How do we know that you don't have more copies" asked Linda.

"You don't" I replied, "you'll just have to trust me. Look, you both
seem to have the idea that I think what you did was wrong. That
couldn't be farther from the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole
thing. You two were so hot for each other I had a real hard time
running the board. And you two obviously enjoyed it. Especially you
Jeanie, you were playing to the camera. I don't know what tipped you
off, but when you suspected you turned absolutely wild".

Linda now glanced at Jeanie "So that's what got into you" she said.

"That camera hums" said Jeanie, "It always bothered me when I did
production. When I heard it suddenly start to hum I thought that we
had been caught. I figured I might as well make it a good show".

"Well I'd say you were successful at that" I remarked. "I've got lots
of skin, but nothing that affects me like this. I'm actually very
proud of the way it turned out, the work I did on the mix that is. I
didn't mean to get you two all worried about your careers though. I
just wanted to watch you making love."

"I must admit that you really did do a great job on the mix" said
Linda. "I've watched it several times this week."

"Me too" replied Jeanie, "I just can't force myself to erase it".

The two of them just sort of looked at each other for a while then. I
was forgotten for the moment.

I could see that now was the time. I grabbed my remote and started the

I swear that the two of them glowed in the dark when they realized
that the tape had started. They looked at me embarrassed as I turned
up the sound and lowered the lights. But as the music faded in they
both turned to watch it.

Jeanie mumbled a feeble "don't" and then fell silent as their first
kiss began on the screen. After that they were silent except for the
tape and the increase in all our breathing.

I could tell that they were both very aware of my presence and yet
unable not to watch except to steal a quick glance my way.

I noticed when they joined hands; each sort of jolting with the first
touch yet not pulling away.

My response to this was anything but bland. I felt more blood surging
into my already hard dick. I didn't dare move though. For me to move
first would spoil the whole thing!

As the tape ended I switched off the tube.

Jeanie swallowed hard, and looked at Linda . Linda just stared back

In a very husky voice Jeanie remarked "I did get really hot, didn't

"I'll say" squeaked Linda, "you almost broke my nose".

The two of them just looked at each other for a while.

I remained dead silent and motionless.

Then Jeanie started to chuckle and the next thing they were both
laughing out loud.

Linda pulled them both to their feet in one move and was hugging

Then just as suddenly the laughter stopped and they were kissing.

This lasted only a short time until they seemed to remember me. They
looked over at me and their eyes locked onto mine. They seemed
slightly embarrassed, but excited none the less. Then they looked back
at each other again as if each was questioning the other. They were
still locked in each others arms.

Then Jeanie sort of raised her eyebrow and tilted her head in my
direction. Linda kind of shrugged her shoulders, looked back at me
again, and then again at Jeanie and nodded.

I slowly got to my feet and cautiously approached them. I slowly moved
closer until I was next to them.

I slowly bent my head to kiss Linda softly, and then Jeanie, also
softly. Then I pulled back and watched as the two of them turned once
more to each other and slowly kissed very softly. The kiss lasted and
became deeper. Then I kissed Jeanie again; softly at first and then I
slid my tongue into her warm mouth and kissed her deeply. I then
turned to Linda and repeated the same.

Now my arms reached out to circle them and they opened up the circle
to admit me. We took turns Frenching each other and playing tongues.

Finally we melted into a three way kiss; each fighting to get the most
of each others tongues.

Then Linda pushed me away; saying "you wanted to see a show damn it,
well you just go sit over there and we'll give you one you'll never

As I headed for my chair Jeanie asked "You wouldn't perchance have
another camera on us would you?"

"Scouts Honor" I said.

"Yeah right" said Linda sarcastically, but she moved around behind
Jeanie and reaching around cupped her breasts.

Jeanie looked at me a moment more and then tilted her head back to
receive Linda's deep kiss.

Jeanie was wearing a light dress that evening. I could see her nipples
protruding from beneath the thin fabric.

Linda slipped one hand down and reached between Jeanie's legs right
through the dress.

Jeanie let out a soft moan and so did I.

"Methinks he really does like this mylady" said Linda.

"As do I, pray continue my champion" murmured Jeanie.

"Then we shall have his cock and eat it too" joked Linda.

To which Jeanie replied turning to me; "And where is thy lance brave
Knight? Thou knowest more of us than we of thee! Forsooth, Unsheath!".

Obediently I arose and bowing to yon ladies did removeth my frock,
slowly, one button at a time.

As I removed my shirt Linda continued with Jeanie, matching me button
for button. As my shirt opened, so did Jeanie's dress. As I slipped it
off, Linda slipped Jeanie's dress down off of her shoulders. Yet she
held it from falling and bent to kiss Jeanie on the neck and

I fumbled to remove my belt and unbutton my trousers, all the time
transfixed on the live spectacle before me.

Linda slid a hand inside the front of Jeanie's dress and between her
legs. Jeanie pressed back into Linda and moaned softly, feeling
Linda's thighs with her hands.

I slipped off my shoes and kicked them aside. I finally got my pants
open. As I let them drop slowly to reveal my bulging shorts Linda let
Jeanie's dress slide to the floor.

Jeanie was now clad in only sheer black bra, panties and garter belt
with black stockings. The dark circles of her nipples plainly visible
beneath the thin fabric.

I could now see that Linda had a finger pressed through the fabric of
Jeanie's panties and was rubbing her clit.

Jeanie twisted toward Linda saying "Tis your turn". She tilted her
head up to deeply kiss Linda as her fingers fumbled for the buttons on
Linda's blouse.

Linda was busying herself with her hands down the back of Jeanie's
panties. Softly caressing the cheeks of Jeanie's firm ass.

Now Jeanie had Linda's blouse open and pushed it from her shoulders.

Linda was wearing a white frilly bra, she removed her hands from their
task just long enough to remove her blouse the rest of the way.

Jeanie reached behind Linda and unzipped her skirt. She let it drop to
the floor. Linda stepped out of the skirt and her shoes at the same

Now they turned once more to me. Jeanie sliding a hand between Linda's

I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my blue shorts and rotating my hips
slowly, very slowly eased them down. As they revealed my seven inches
of throbbing pain I let them drop.

I now stood naked before them. I reached down to stroke my dick as I
hungrily eyed the two women. Their eyes transfixed upon my unit.

Jeanie turned to Linda and opened her bra. She cupped Linda's
beautiful tits as she bent to suck upon the nipples.

Linda kept her eyes upon my dick except when they involuntarily closed
for a moment over what Jeanie was doing.

I now approached Jeanie from behind. I let my cock slide over the back
of her panties and between her legs. I slid it back and forth between
her legs as my hands caressed her sides and slid around to cup her
small breasts through her bra. I softly squeezed one as my other hands
traced down her firm stomach until it pressed between her legs. I
reached under to press my cock up against her pussy. I bent forward to
meet Linda in a deep passionate kiss.

Linda reached between Jeanie and I to find the clasp on Jeanie's bra.
As it came loose, I took both hands and cupped the soft bare skin of
her breasts. I found the large nipples and slid them between my
fingers using the sides to squeeze them as I stroked them. I felt the
skin of Linda's large breasts on the backs of my hands and reversed
one hand to squeeze them.

Linda's kiss became more insistent now.

We all pressed together as Linda and I squeezed Jeanie between us.

Linda reaching around Jeanie to caress my sides.

I took my hands and caressed the sides of Linda's long body.

The girls were now breast to breast. Jeanie kissing the sides of
Linda's neck as I kissed her mouth.

I hooked the sides of Linda's panties, and as by command Linda did the
same to Jeanie. We slowly inched them down in unison. I felt the
fabric of Jeanie's panties slide over the head of my dick. It popped
back up to contact the warm skin of Jeanie's ass.

I let Linda's panties drop as I caressed the cheeks of her ass. Linda
had let Jeanie's panties drop as well. As she stepped out of them she
twisted between us until the bare skin of her breasts pressed against
my chest. She tilted her head up to kiss me as her hand reached down
to find my cock. She squeezed it softly as her tongue played with
mine. Then she bent it down to rub against her pussy. I almost lost it
as I felt her wet pussy lips slide over the surface.

Linda had resumed her attack upon Jeanie's neck and shoulders. I felt
her hands slide between Jeanie and I as she cupped Jeanie's breasts.

I reached around to encompass Linda's firm ass and pulled it toward me
as I thrust my hips forward, grinding my pubic area into Jeanie's as
Linda ground hers on Jeanie's ass.

Jeanie pressed her tongue deeply into my mouth as she moaned.

Now Linda stepped back. I watched as she slid her hands over her own
breasts, feeling the nipples. She raised one to her mouth and licked
her nipple.

I bent to lick Jeanie's firm nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and ran
my tongue over it. Then I did the same to the other one. I started to
kiss downward when she suddenly dropped to her knees. Next thing I
knew she had the end of my dick in her mouth. She reached out with one
hand to pull Linda towards us.

Linda pressed her chest against mine as we melted in a deep soft kiss.

Jeanie sucked me deeper within her mouth. Then she withdrew again and
licked around the head. She started to alternate between these two

Linda now bent to lick my nipples.

Jeanie had her hand between Linda's legs as she fingered her.

Linda softly nibbled on my nipples.

Now Jeanie left my dick and started to lick Linda between the legs.
She licked Linda for a while and then returned to my dick. She was
rubbing her own pussy alternately with Linda's. She lifted her hand to
my mouth and I smelt the rich aroma of both these women. I hungrily
licked each finger.

Now Linda sat back in one of my easy chairs. She lifted one leg over
one of the arms and started to finger herself.

Jeanie rose to kiss me, sharing the taste of Linda's pussy with me. I
reached around and with one motion lifted her hips to mine. She lifted
her legs to wrap around me as I entered her warm tight pussy. I
supported her ass with both hands and slid one between her ass cheeks
to fondle her anus. Her nipples were sliding over mine as our tongues
played. Our hips slapping together as I raised and lowered her onto my
cock. I felt my tension starting to grow.

Suddenly Jeanie thrust her tongue deep into my mouth as she locked her
legs behind me.

Linda had joined us from behind. Dropping to her knees and licking
Jeanie on the anus.

Jeanie convulsed on my dick. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping
and releasing my hard dick. I fought to maintain control.

I lifted Jeanie up off of my dick, but as it fell out Linda was
instantly on it. Sucking it into her warm mouth.

For a while I supported Jeanie tight to my chest. Kissing her deeply.
Then she let her legs free and I let her slide down Linda's back. She
slid off and laid on the floor with her head between Linda's legs.

It was all I could do to fight off my climax. I reached down to
squeeze Linda's large tits. As I did so my hands encountered Jeanie's
coming up. We both caressed Linda's large orbs as Jeanie set about her
task below.

Linda moaned deeply as she brought me to the very edge of control,
then she would recede once more.

Finally I pushed her back onto the chair.

As I entered her warm pussy Jeanie positioned herself, facing me, over
Linda's face. Linda rose up to meet Jeanie's pussy.

After very few strokes Linda convulsed throwing her hips up to meet
mine as she thrust her tongue into Jeanie's pussy.

I bent to kiss Jeanie as my hands groped Linda's large tits. Jeanie
then bent to lick Linda's clit as I thrust into her warm pussy. I
could feel myself starting to lose control as Linda once again
convulsed. This time I didn't fight it. I plunged as deep and as fast
as I could into Linda's warm tight pussy. Only at the very instant did
I withdraw. Jeanie instantly sucked me down her throat as I came in
jerky convulsive thrusts. This triggered Jeanie's orgasm as she thrust
her hips down upon Linda's face and jerked severely.

I feel to my knees and Jeanie met me in a deep kiss that tasted of my
semen. I bent down carrying the kiss with me until we were both at
Linda's pussy.

I worked the low side as Jeanie worked the upper. Our tongues would
meet in the middle. After licking Linda's ass I slipped in a finger.

I worked it in as my other hand found the Graftenburg spot inside her
pussy. With Jeanie licking her clit it took no time at all before
Linda was bucking again. She had put a finger of her own into Jeanie's
ass and Jeanie was now moaning loudly. As she convulsed in time with
Linda I suddenly yanked the finger from Linda's ass. I sat back until
the ladies waves of passion subsided. Then I went and softly kissed
Jeanie and then, when Jeanie moved, I softly kissed Linda.

I pulled them both to their feet for a warm three way hug and kiss
before I led them to my bed.

Once there I lay between them and we caressed and kissed each other
for some time. Then they started moving down. One on each of my
nipples. Licking and sucking on them as I stirred once more.

Jeanie stayed with my nipples as Linda moved on down to suck my
growing cock into her mouth.

As I grew hard again Linda moved to impale herself upon my unit. I
pulled Jeanie up to my mouth and kissed her, then I asked her to sit
on my face. She smiled and shifted around so that her ass was over my
nose and then lowered her pussy onto my mouth. She tasted wonderful!

This was exactly what the other half of my fantasies were. With Linda
rocking on my dick and Jeanie on my face.

I could hear them kissing each other through their moans.

I was delving my tongue deep into Jeanie's pussy and then up and
around her clit. My nose tickling her cute little pucker of an ass
hole. I could hardly breathe, but I didn't care much.

I could feel the tension building in both the ladies as my own passion
mounted. I was treated to a gush of fluid from Jeanie's pussy as she
began to climax. Linda started to buck more wildly upon my dick.

My own climax began as a tightness in the back of my neck that soon
spread throughout my whole body.

I kept my tongue now doing little quick circles around Jeanie's clit.
I was rewarded by several spurts of her fluids into my mustache which
I sucked into my mouth.

I thrust my hips up high so hard that I almost threw Linda from my
dick. I shot my load directly up into Linda. She screamed and fell off
to the side.

Jeanie groaned one last time as she shot the last of her juices right
up my nose. Then she fell off to the other side.

We all lay there panting for several minutes. Then they each crawled
up and gave me a passionate kiss. I especially enjoyed kissing Jeanie
knowing that she could smell herself in my mustache.

We snuggled for a while and then I fell asleep.

Something stirred me in the middle of the night. I opened my eyes to
semidarkness. I could feel a warm mouth on my dick. I realized that
the soft mounds pushing against my face were Linda's tits. That meant
that it was Jeanie was the one on my dick. This made it that much

I always enjoy being awakened by a blow job.

Jeanie was deep throating me. Then she would pull her head back and
swirl her tongue around the head. I was as hard as I have ever been.

I turned my head to suck on the nipples of the warm orbs on the side
of my face. I was met only with a slight stutter in her rhythmic
breathing. She was fast asleep.

I reached down and pulled Jeanie up to me. I was ready. I kissed her

Somehow she was different now. The kisses were softer and warmer. This
was definitely to my liking. I rolled over on top of her and slowly
moved down.

I slowly licked and kissed her pert little tits, sucking softly on the
hard nipples. She moaned softly.

I moved on down until I could smell her pungent aroma. I teased around
her clit with my tongue. Running it over the skin to each side of her
pubic hair. I then let it flick over the clit without staying too
long. Just a touch now and then. Slowly I zoomed in on her pussy. She
really tasted great.

I dipped my tongue deeply into her pussy and she convulsed once hard
and quick. As I licked her lips heading for her clit, she started to
quiver. Her shaking grew in intensity as I moved closer to her love

I decided that she was as ready as she would ever be. I let my tongue
slide around and over her clit to start her climax.

As she started to shake harder I quickly moved up and rubbed the tip
of my dick over her clit. She moaned loudly. I placed the head at the
opening and as I bent to kiss her I slowly pushed in.

Now her convulsions started in earnest. She sucked hard on my tongue
as her hips jerked spasmodically.

I almost lost it as the violence of her passion brought me to the
edge. I remained as still as her thrashing would allow.

Slowly her jerking stopped. Her kisses became more gentle and warm. I
then began to very slowly slide in and out of her tight., juicy pussy.

As her blind passion slowly ebbed she began to fall into sync with me.
We were still kissing, but now they were the kisses of gentle loving;
Deep, but gentle. It was absolutely the nicest fuck I have ever had.

Ever so slowly our passion built again. Now we were a team, meeting
each others movements. All the while we still were kissing.

She was gently caressing my back with her fingertips. As our rhythm
built the fingertips turned to fingernails.

I could feel the tension growing as from a long way away. I could also
feel the tension growing from within Jeanie.

Now her fingernails were raking my back, her hips were thrusting up to
meet mine. Sweat was beginning to trickle on both of us.

Now kissing was too dangerous without loosing a tooth or biting a lip.

As I pulled my head back to deepen my thrusts I opened my eyes and met
hers. The beauty of the scene below me triggered an intensity in me
that I have never known before.

Now I was pumping hard and fast as our eyes were locked together. I
could see the muscles of her face begin to tighten as mine did.

Now she dug her heals into the mattress and lifted her hips right off
the bed as she met my down strokes. She closed her eyes and started
whipping her head from side to side as a low guttural moan began to
escape from her. I discovered that half of the moan was mine as we
built layer upon layer of intensity to our passion.

As she dug her fingernails deep into my back I could no longer wait.
Waiting was not necessary now though as she was as ready as I.

With the last of the next two dozen furious strokes we both slammed
into each other and clung as we both screamed. The waves of our joint
climax crashing over us again and again as I shot the last of my seed
deep into her. I could feel the head of my dick wedged right up on her
cervix. The muscles of her pussy milking the last drop from me.

I collapsed onto her from sheer exhaustion, but also with a burning
desire to prolong our contact.

We lay there and just breathed for several minutes. My dick still deep
within her pussy. We lay there gently caressing each other as it
slowly subsided within her, until it withered enough that it withdrew
itself. As it fell out I slowly shifted my weight off of her and to
the side. We were still clinging to each other. I opened my eyes to
find hers looking straight into mine. I kissed her gently as I softly
stroked her, not to excite, but rather the gentle caress of love.

As I pulled back she said to me breathlessly "I've never felt anything
like that, I had no idea that it could be that good. Thank You."

I looked into her eyes as I told her "I have never felt anything like
that either. I knew that it could be good, but I never realized how
good. I've been in love with you since the first time I saw you. I
know that this is probably the only time for us, but it is I who
should thank you. You have fulfilled my deepest fantasies and put them
to shame."

She pulled me to her and hugged me tightly. I savored every touch of
our skin and the warmth of her body. We kissed deeply once more and
then just hugged each other as we slowly caressed each other to sleep.

When I awoke it was late morning. I was alone. My back was sore from
the shredding that Jeanie had given me. I checked the rest of the
house, but it was empty. The master tapes that I had given to Jeanie
were gone. So was my dupe of the mix down from my VCR. I smiled
remembering my original buried in my garden. I keep the two pair of
panties that were left on my bed post in my freezer. They are in
separate zip lock bags to keep the different aroma's distinct.

I went to work as usual on Monday. Neither Jeanie nor Linda said a
word to me. Jeanie gave me one look when nobody else was around. The
look was one of contentedness that also said that nothing was to be
said. I could see that it was also a goodbye. I smiled at her, and
she at me, then she rolled her eyes and shuddered as she turned away
and was gone.

After that it was as if it had never happened, but there was always
something different about her after that though; As if she had
discovered a new power within herself. Soon afterward I was bumped up
and out to another division of the parent corp. I rented out my house
to someone who was only into minimal gardening with instructions not
to change the back garden. I never have dug up the tapes under the
rock, Just knowing they are there seems to be enough to keep me hot
enough to please any lady that comes around, but it's never been as
good as that one time with Jeanie.

As an aside note both Linda and Jeanie gave birth to blond headed boys
about nine months to the day after that night. My family raises great
little swimmers.


It was a Friday night. I had broken up with my last girlfriend about a
week and a half before. I didn't feel much like going out and making
the same sort of mistake again very soon. I was veging out to some new
age music on the stereo. I was just thinking about what do drink when
the doorbell rang. Now who the hell was that?

I opened the door and gawked at the vision before me. It was Jeanie.
She was dressed to the hilt. Full war paint!

I managed to mutter "Hello".

She looked at me and managed the same.

I realized that I was staring about the same time she realized she

I asked her in and she stepped inside.

As I turned from closing the door, she asked "Would you rather I
hadn't come?".

"Not at all" I replied, "I'm just surprised that you did".

She looked around the place. I had done alright for myself since
coming to this town. "Nice place" she said as she started to remove
her coat.

I helped her off with it. As I brushed her shoulder she shuddered
slightly. I stood there a moment holding her coat. About the time I
draped it over a chair she spun towards me. We met in a sudden rush
towards each other. First we embraced as two starving animals
descending on a meal. Then we were kissing. Violently at first, and
then deeply and passionately. The kiss ended gently and slowly with
lips just touching and sliding off of each other. She hugged me some
more before pulling her head back and looking at me.

"I had to know" she said mysteriously.

"So did I" I replied, perhaps answering myself instead of her.

We pulled back to half an arms length and just looked into each others
eyes for a while. Then we slowly moved into a soft and gentle kiss
that lasted a long time.

As we slowly pulled back again I asked "How long have we got?".

She looked at me a moment and knowing all that the question implied
gently responded "Till Monday morning".

"Then lets spend it the best way that we can" I said, Please sit down.
Would you like some Wine?"

"Love some" she said as she pulled away and headed towards the sofa.

I opened my best bottle of Chardonnay and put it in the Wine chiller
to breathe. It was already at the perfect temperature for drinking
from my Wine cabinet. I got out my finest glasses and set them all on
the coffee table.

I lit the fire and then joined her on the sofa.

I poured us each a glass and handed hers to her. She took a sip and
commented "Mmm.. This is delightful".

We sat facing each other. Mostly just looking at each other.
Conversation was still a bit nervous.

I said "I was afraid that you wouldn't ever talk to me again."

She dropped her eyes and replied "I've thought about it for a long
time now."

She suddenly reached for her hand purse. I was momentarily afraid that
she was going to run, but she opened it and took out two pictures. As
she handed them to me she said "Both of your Son's are left handed.".

As I shakily took the pictures from her she chuckled and said "Just
lucky for you that both of us are blonde, neither of our husbands are
and neither one knows. The one on your left is Jason he's ours, the
one on the right is Michael, he's yours and Linda's."

"I wondered about that" I said as I studied the pictures of my two
sons with pride.

"Well it won't happen again you fertile asshole"; she let me sweat
just long enough before she continued "I had my tubes tied when I
delivered him and Linda won't be talking to you again. She's still
pissed about it.".

"Sorry about that" I said weakly.

She looked at me a moment and said "I'm not; Jason's a bright
beautiful kid, So is Mike, and I learned something special about
myself that I wouldn't give up for the world".

"What's that?" I asked.

"I'll show you later" she said, "but now just remember that we have
something on you. If those tapes ever show up you will be hit with
back child support for both kids and until they're eighteen. In the
mean time you must never come to see them. I'll send you pictures of
both from time to time and maybe even a video knowing how much you
like them." she chuckled.

"The tapes will never show up, I buried them in my back yard back at
the old place. I still own it. The renters have instructions not to
change anything".

She chuckled some more and said "I knew you had more copies", but she
leaned towards me and said "Now enough of business. Put those pictures
down and kiss me. Tonight were going to find out if you've still got
whatever you infected my libido with".

I put down the pictures and kissed her, long and hard.

She pulled back and said. "Yup!". Then she stood up; "Let's dance" she

I put on a different tape that was better for slow dancing. We moved
together holding each other close, feeling the others body pressed
close to us. We kissed deeply as we danced. I was starting to get a
hard on. She pushed her pelvis into mine and ground against my growing

"Well well, look who's awake" she whispered to me, "I would have
thought that he would still be asleep from the last time".

"Are you kidding, you're the one who woke him up the last time and
he's hardly been asleep since. He wakes up every time I think about
it, which I do a lot!".

"Do you really? I like that. That means that I haven't been alone in
my thoughts." she said as she snuggled even closer.

I cupped one hand around her ass as I started to feel her small but
firm breasts with the other.

We continued to move on to the rhythm of the music. I turned her
around so that her back was to me and reached around to pull her ass
to me as I felt both her breasts and between her legs right through
her dress.

"Careful" she whispered back to me, "I have to wear this on the plane
on Monday."

I solved this by unzipping her skirt. She stepped out of it and folded
it over the sofa arm. She then turned to me and as I reached to
unbutton her blouse she started on my shirt.

We were still dancing to the music as we fumbled with each others
buttons. We kissed as well. Soon my shirt and her blouse joined her
skirt. She undid my trousers and I stepped out of them after kicking
off my shoes.

Now I was dressed only in my socks and shorts. She, in matching sheer
baby blue bra, garter and panties. They matched her eyes perfectly. I
was reminded of the tape.

My dick was straining for release in side my shorts.

She also wore black silk stockings and high heels.

I stood back and admired her. She blushed and slowly turned to model
for me. I could clearly see that her pert nipples were hard and
pointing straight out. The areolas visible through the thin material.
I could see the crack of her ass and the blonde patch of pubic hair
through her panties.

I stepped to her and kissed her as I removed her bra. I bent and
kissed both nipples before we resumed dancing.

Now her bare chest was against mine.

With her shoes on and mine off she was just a few inches shorter than

I started to reach inside her panties to pull them down, but she said
to leave them on for now but to take mine off. I complied with her
request. Now my erect dick was free and hungry. She moved to me again
and reached between us to slide my dick between her legs. I felt her
pussy lips on each side of it and her hard little love button on top
of it right through the thin soft material. Now I got the idea of what
she was up to.

We danced with my dick sliding between her legs, straining upwards
against her clit.

She moaned softly as we danced and kissed. She started to breath
harder and harder.

She moved her hips to and fro as we danced, controlling the pressure
on her clit.

Suddenly she thrust her hips to mine and clung tightly to me. I felt
her shudder and then I felt the warm liquid on my dick.

She clung to me breathlessly for a time. Then she said "That's what
you did to me, I never had a discharge before you. When you ran into
my cervix so often on that night I felt a different kind of orgasm
than I had ever felt before. More satisfying, but less violent. I
haven't experienced it since that night until just now. That's what
brought me here tonight. I had to find out if it was a one time thing,
or if it was you. Now I know that it's you that does it to me. I want
to thank you for doing that; you have no idea how good it feels."

She pulled my face to her and kissed me deeply.

When she pulled away she said "I've tried other men and women and even
dildo's but nothing has worked. It's just you. If you want me, I'm
yours; any way you want me, but I won't give up my husband and kids. I
want you as often as I can arrange it. I think I can get scheduled to
come here once a month for a business meeting at corporate if you want
me to.... Please, I need you!"

She looked at me as I was stammering over my words. I finally got the
word "YES" out.

"Good" she said, "now, how do you want me?"

"Just exactly the way you are!" I said. "I still like to watch two
women, but that's not really necessary. What I felt with you on that
night is all I really need myself. The rest is just inspiration"

"I still like women too, so that's perfect. Just one thing. We must be
discreet about this. I don't want to screw up either my marriage, or
my career." she said.

I pulled her tight to me as I replied "This is just perfect for me, I
get the woman of my dreams for real and I a few women just perfect for
us when were in the mood for a threesum."

"Are they cute?" she asked.

"Their gorgeous" I replied.

" I never expected less of you. Then we have a deal." she said, "Now,
please take me to bed".

"Nag... Nag.. Nag.. " I said as I stooped and lifted her in my arms.

She smacked me on the chest as she placed her mouth to mine. I picked
her up in my arms. I had to stall on the way to the bedroom as I
couldn't see the way while kissing her. She apparently didn't mind as
her body convulsed once more and she dribbled on my arm.

"Damn!" she said, "This could be hell. You did it to me just once four
years ago, and already you've done it twice since I got here!"

"Hey, It's a dirty job" I said, "so I'd better lick it clean".

"Mmm, Please do so to your hearts content!". she replied.

Now we were in the bedroom. "You talk too much" I said, "I'd better
find something for that mouth of yours. Here start by cleaning off my

I gently set her on the bed. She took my arm and slowly licked her own
juices from it. As she finished I bent and kissed her. I tasted her
juices as I did so. This just made me want to taste them first hand.

I pulled off her shoes. Then I pulled her panties slowly off. I
brought them to my face and inhaled deeply. The sweet musky smell of
her womanhood filled my nostrils. "Can I keep these too?" I asked.

"That depends" she said, "what did you do with the last set?"

"They're in the freezer at this very moment" I replied.

"Linda's too? " she asked.


"Tell you what, I'll l trade you for Linda's, OK?".

"Mm.. OK, want them now?" I asked.

"No, when I leave will be fine. We had sort of a falling out, and I
kink of miss the smell of her pussy."

"Me too" I said, "but I missed the smell of yours more! Think I'll
have some now."

With that I bent and kissed her on the navel. I ran my tongue around
it and then started down. I ran my tongue down both sides of her pubic
hair and traced the edges of her garter belt with it. Now she was
moaning softly. I parted her legs and ran it over the inside of her
thighs. All the while working closer to her sweet pussy. I could now
smell her fresh excretions clearly. I couldn't resist so I ran my
tongue over her pussy lips to just shy of her clit. The taste was
wonderful. I worked my tongue between her lips and into her pussy. As
I did so she jerked once more and squirted more fluid right over my
tongue. I could feel her pussy muscles contract and suck at my tongue.
She softly cried out as she climaxed.

"Damn woman, it's real hard to sneak up on you and keep you on the
edge if your going to do that!" I mumbled from her pussy.

"It's your own damn fault" she said, "I was never like this before!
Nor since for that matter. But please don't stop. I think I'm in love
with your tongue."

"I think that you're in love with more than that woman. You had one
before it ever got a chance to do it's stuff!" I replied between my

As I worked around her clit getting closer and closer she started to
sway her hips and press them into my face. Now I let my tongue flick
across the top of her clit once. She jerked again and squirted on my
chin. I tried it again and she did it again.

I couldn't resist so I pushed my thumb up into her pussy as a cork and
descended on her clit in earnest.

She started to thrash and buck like a wild stallion. Her head was
whipping from side to side and her breath was coming in ragged gasps.

I could feel the contractions of her pussy on my thumb and the fluid
backing up behind it (where exactly was this stuff coming from?).

As I centered my full attention on her love button she dug her heels
into the mattress and thrust her pelvis upward into my face. She let
out an actual scream that was half pain and half pleasure but
guaranteed to wake the neighbors.

She collapsed down onto the bed only to once again thrust her pelvis
upward. I had one hand anchored under her butt to keep me on my

Once again she collapsed onto the bed only to rise yet a third time.
This time however she held her hips high for a time before she finally
collapsed again. Her stomach muscles still contracting spasmodically.

I backed off of her clit and lowered my head. As I yanked my thumb out
of her pussy I clamped my mouth over it. Her juices flooded into my
mouth almost filling it. I closed my mouth and moved up and kissed her
letting half the fluid drain into her waiting mouth. She jerked once
more and wet my leg laying between hers .

I savored the last of my half of her fluids as I slowly swallowed

I laid by her side and cradled her quivering body to me. She was still
beyond speech or even comprehension.

I lay stroking her sides and back as she slowly returned to

She opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she hugged me close to her
and cleaned the spot where my tonsils used to be with her tongue.

Finally she pulled back and became somewhat serious. As tears formed
in her eyes she choked out the words "I do love you".

I kissed her and pulled her head to my shoulder letting her weep on me
as her body shivered and shook Slowly her weeping subsided and she
looked up.

She pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me. She kissed me on
the mouth and then on the eyes and cheeks. She ran her tongue around
the insides of my ears and down my neck. Kissing me once more deeply,
she then moved down to suck on my nipples. Licking around them and
sucking on the ends. Her hand moved down to stroke my still erect
dick. She moved on down tracing my ribs with her mouth and tongue
until I felt the warmth of her mouth on the head of my dick. She
sucked it into her mouth as her tongue flicked around the end. Then
she took the whole seven inches down her throat until her lips met my
balls on the underside. She then slowly receded an inch or two and
then back to the hilt.

I was going nuts (or rather my nuts were!).

She then withdrew all the way and ran her tongue down the length of my
dick and over my balls. She gently sucked one of them into her mouth
and the slowly let it slip out. Then she did the other one the same
way. Now she moved back up the length of my dick to the head and once
more deep throated me.

I guess that my muscle tension told her that I was about to loose it,
as she withdrew.

As I thought my growing tension would subside I discovered that I was

She flicked her tongue out over the end once again bringing me to the
edge. Then she would let me relax just enough to tolerate another

I had never felt my dick so hard.

Now she moved up onto me and guided my dick into her warm tight pussy.

I savored every slow inch as she lowered herself around me.

I thought that she was moving on me for a while till I realized that
she was stationary. She was trying to milk me with her vaginal muscles
alone. I could feel them pulling up hard on my dick until the end was
up solid against her cervix. Then she would let her muscles relax for
a moment (or was that a different set pulling it down?).

I had never felt anything like it.

Now she pulled up hard internally as she rocked forward. It felt like
she could have ripped my dick from its socket. Then she began to
alternate between stroking me with her internal muscles, and by
rocking her hips. The motion felt much the same to my organ, but I
could feel her hips pause every other stroke.

I reached up to feel her firm breasts. I rubbed her nipples between my

Now she was moaning loudly again.

I don't know how she did it, but suddenly her timing changed. Now her
inner muscles were in sync with her hip movements. As she thrust her
hips down her vaginal muscles gripped and pulled up.

I added my own hip movements to this phenomena. The combination was
becoming too much for me. I held back as best I could.

Now she added a rotational movement to her hips as she increased her

I kept up the best that I could.

Then she shuddered a big convulsion and I felt my dick gripped as in a
vise. I felt a warmth of fluid gush around me. She only stalled for a
moment before she resumed her thrusts with increased intensity. She
shuddered again and again my dick was gripped. Again I felt a warm
gush around me and yet again she resumed her bouncing on my organ.

I could feel my orgasm building as tension in the back of my neck.

Jeanie changed her rhythm once more. Now she was a little slower , but

I was totally in her control. I opened my eyes to gaze up at her. I
was surprised to find her looking down at me. Our eyes locked as we
moved once again in unison.

Now my orgasm was imminent. I tried to inform her by increasing the
strength of my up strokes. I think she got the idea as she increased
the pressure within her vagina and the strength of her down strokes.

With my eyes wide open I felt my orgasm sweeping over me.

We were both gasping loudly.

I felt the pressure within her pussy become spasmodic as waves of
convulsions swept over us both. I felt my organ strike her cervix
several times in quick succession.

Suddenly she screamed and a massive convulsion shook her as my fluids
began to spurt up within her. I simultaneously felt the muscles of her
pussy grip my organ as tight as a milking machine. As if her pussy
were milking my organ of every drop. I felt a warm gush of fluids with
each of her spasmodic contractions.

She fell forward on top of me and threw her arms around me.

We grasped one an other as we slowly regained our breathing.

My cock still erect within her, but slowly receding. Random
contractions of her vaginal muscles gripped at it from time to time.

I felt a power within me that was inspired by this lovely woman on top
of me. I knew that now was the time to search for all the stamina I

Rather than just allowing my receding penis to continue it's path, I
slowly started to move my hips up and down under her.

She lifted her head to look at me and gasped "You've got to be

I just looked at her and pulled her into the most passionate kiss I
have ever experienced. This reversed the trend of my dick and it
started to grow once again.

In a very short while we were again stroking in earnest.

This time though it was different. More intimate.

We continued to kiss, sharing our tongues as we slowly rocked
ourselves back to the edge.

I felt the gripping of her vaginal muscles resume now as a wave that
started at the opening and moved up each time I reached the deepest
part of my stroke.

She pulled her head back to gaze into my eyes. An indescribable look
of tenderness and affection. The look triggered a slow yet undeniably
building orgasm within me. Without any of the normal violence
associated with an orgasm I started to spurt what fluid I had left
within her. At the same time a gentle wave swept over my body I felt
her shudder and her fluids surrounded my organ and mixed with my own.
With the next stroke they squirted around me and over my soaked

Now we simply receded to a slow stop. With the last stroke she
shuddered once more and again I felt her fluids surround me and drip
out over my nuts.

We just held each other, reveling in the touch and presence of one
another. We tenderly kissed once more before we faded off to sleep.

I woke later, still within her. I have no idea how I had stayed in. I
caressed her back and she lifted her head to gaze at me. Then I saw a
look of surprise come over her face. I felt her muscles grip at my
dick once more, but just once before I fell out. She kissed me
tenderly and rolled off.

She sat up on the edge of the bed, but turned back towards me. She
gently laid a hand on my chest. She gazed at me with her baby blue
eyes and slowly moved her hand up to caress my cheek. She just looked
at me for a moment before she leaned to gently kiss me. Then she stood
and asked where my robe was. I arose and moved towards the closet. As
I passed her I couldn't resist. I turned and pulled her to me. I held
her tenderly for a while just feeling her nude body next to mine. Then
I kissed her as gently as she had me. I released her and got a couple
of robes from the closet.

"Hungry?" I queried.

"Ravenous" she replied .

We walked arm in arm into the kitchen. We stopped on the way to grab
our wine glasses. She turned to me and linked her arm with the glass
through mine. "To the worlds greatest lover" she toasted.

"Shouldn't brag like that, but I must agree; you are."

"Don't be coy!" she said, "If you're not the worlds greatest, then I
couldn't survive whoever is."

"I'm not being coy." I replied, "I don't know where you learned those
things you did to me, but I've never felt anything like them before."

"What I know, all started on that first night with you!" she replied,
"You woke me up sexually. Before that Linda was the only one to give
me an orgasm, and they were earth racking singles. I never had a wet
one before you!".

"Lets just agree that we're hot for each other!" I said.

"I'll definitely agree with that". she replied.

With that we sipped. Then we kissed tenderly.

She sat at the bar while I fixed her breakfast. She put her legs up
and removed her stockings. It was all I could do to concentrate on the
eggs. As she bent, her breasts peeked out of the loosely tied robe. I
couldn't believe how lovely she looked.

We studied each other often over our breakfast. I took the remainder
of the Chardonnay and whipped it in the blender with some orange
juice. As we finished our breakfast and sipped the wonderful solution

She told me about her life since that night: She and Linda had broken
off almost immediately. She had wanted more activit

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sex Film Sex picture

Sex Film Sex picture

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Sex Film Sex story

Part 17
Back to School

After the euphoria of the previous evening, Sunday was a bit flat and
melancholy. We all travelled down to mum's race south of Leicester, unusually in
dad's car as we only had the one bike. Mum herself was a little pent up and most
of the journey was in silence, even us kids weren't bickering.
I'm not sure whether it was the after effects of Saturday evening but mum's ride
was a bit lacklustre, uninspired. We drove across the course to cheer her on and
she gave us a grin as she passed but her mind was obviously elsewhere. Not
elsewhere enough to miss the break when it went though!
As the laps disappeared, so the break reduced until with only ten miles left
there were only six women left. The last time we saw them, they all looked
tired; it was a matter of attrition and determination. We rushed back to the
finish and just got to the straight as the little group hove into sight. It
seemed an eternity before they reached us, only four riders, the other two
having lost the pace. We cheered mum on and the tired sprint passed us with
three riders in contention. At the line however mum lost by a wheel, I instantly
blamed the '25', well mum always wins!
After the presentation, we were soon off, mum was philosophical and the rest of
us had mixed emotions.
"Ok guys, snap out of it"
"Yes mum"
"Ok mum"
"Look, we won't have time later in the week what with school and everything so
we'll go out for a meal tonight. Ok everyone?"
"Sure mum"
Well we knew it would be our last family 'occasion' for a while with mum off to
Germany in less than a week.
As I don't want to bring you all down to how I feel, I won't relive the evening
for you but the food was good, we went to the Val Paradiso Italian restaurant
and we all like pasta!
"Come on Drew, up for school!"
"Come on, I forgot it's school photo's today."
"Oh no"
"Oh yes, now up and get ready, I've pressed your uniform so come on"
I really will miss mum. I guess every school has a photo day so you all know the
score, wait for ages, then two snaps and back to lessons. Well we were getting
form photos too so with the whole school involved; there were no lessons
scheduled, just 'study' periods.
I met the rest of the gang at school, everyone was in freshly laundered
uniforms, not unusual of course, but the pressed skirts and trousers were!

I suppose we all looked smart enough, Jules didn't have too much tidying with
our little group anyway (she had been assigned to help tidy dishevelled
pupils!). with all the activity and a lack of full supervision the day was
actually quite fun.
Our little group met as usual in the evening and with no dance to prepare for we
settled on a few video games and listening to cd's.
"Can I tell Drew?" Maddy started
"Tell what?"
"You know, the dance shop"
"What about the dance shop Drew?" Bernie queried
I'd just about forgotten the incident, but Maddy obviously hadn't.
"Oh that. Do we have to Mad?"
"Yes. Drew had another Gaby moment in Nottingham"
"Scary" Rhod put in.
"No kidding" I replied "it's not like I was trying or anything"
"Come on then tell us" Ally was getting impatient.
"You tell 'em Mad, I'm too embarrassed"
"Ok Drew. Well you remember we lost Drew when we went upstairs?"
"Well he was in the main shop and the assistant thought he was a girl"
"You didn't help!" I accused
"Come on Mad, spill 'em"
"Well when I found him, he was checking out some leotards"
"Pretending to!" I shouted as I flushed crimson
"Ok pretending to. Anyway the assistant was doing her damnedest to sell him one
so I told her that she, that is Drew was just looking for now."
"Tell them the rest"
"Well I sort of said that we'd be back to buy one in a couple of weeks"
"Yeah well, like that's gonna happen" Bernie stated.
"Oh come on Drew how's about it?"
"No way!"
"Pretty please"
"Give over girls, why would Drew want to do that?"
"'Cos he's a sport?"
"Look I just want to forget it" I stated.
"Ok spoilsport" Ally mock pouted.
Well at least we had that settled, hadn't we?
Tuesday was back to normal and I looked forward to the ten in the evening. After
school I got myself ready and this time had a more leisurely ride up to Cuckney.
The weather was fair and I followed a similar routine to the previous week. I
drew number thirteen this week and it was obviously going to bring me doom.
"Go, number thirteen!"
I moved up to the line.
"Ah young Miss Bond" the timekeeper stated
I was not sure which would be worse, just going with the flow or trying to
explain that I was not Miss Bond but Mr.
"Thirty seconds"
My mind was sort of made for me by the stopwatch.
"Fifteen seconds, take care at the crossroads, ten"
Ah well, afterwards then.
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!"
And I was away again.
I tried to concentrate on what I was doing, but my mind kept going back to the
assumption that I was a girl. Clearly no one had noticed the (small) bulge in my
shorts and I guess they were using the previous week as a lead in. I really
should have spoken out then.
All too soon it seemed, I was approaching the finish. I was out of the saddle
sprinting for the line then gasping "thirteen!" I was done. Well I was a bit
faster but only seven seconds, twenty six thirty eight, at least I was
I got dressed and set off home quickly as the temperature was dropping quickly
and I hadn't brought any tights with me, my exposed legs already had goose
pimples! Damn, I had left without saying anything again. Well next week...
From then on in the week I became more depressed as mums departure got closer. I
got through school on autopilot; the guys were all sympathetic, knowing the
reason. Even the teachers seemed to be taking it easy on me, I know mum had been
into school on Tuesday, so perhaps they knew why I was distracted.
All too soon it was Saturday and departure day for mum. Us kids weren't going to
the airport with her, mum thought it best we say our goodbyes at home, then dad
was driving her down to Stansted. Well there's no denying it was a tearful
session, Jules, me and mum were all sobbing like mad and in the end dad almost
had to drag mum into the car.
"Take care kids"
"We will mum" Jules replied
"I'll miss you both"
"Go on mum"
"I'll see you in a few weeks yeah?"
"We'll be there!"
"Ok, well behave for your dad, jules look after your brother and Drew"
"Yes mum?"
"You be careful on that bike"
"Yes mum"
"Time to go guys" dad stated
We both gave mum a hug through the car window and then waved until the car was
out of sight. I felt really down, I'm sure Juliette did too, but we didn't have
time to get maudlin as the gang arrived not ten minutes later.
Maddy Bell 25.03.03

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sex Film Sex story

The Off Season by Cobalt Jade 5/97 "Are you sure you want to do this?" he said. "Yes," she replied, her voice a husky whisper against his neck, his thick sideburns tickling her nose. He smelled of autumn leaves, faint, spicy soap, and grease from the motorcycles he loved to work on. "We're breaking the law, you know." "To hell with the law." She nibbled on his ear, the rough growth of his beard scratching gently against her face. "I am ever at your command, my lady." He took up the thick wire cutters and cut through the fence in a series of snips, peeling back the chain metal to make a hole big enough for them to crawl through. He fetched a few other things from the back of his bike and tucked them under his arm. They crawled under the wire, she first, he following more carefully to avoid catching his fringed leather jacket on the sharp edges. No one would see their entry, concealed as it was by a row of bushes. The marvels of Playland were spread out before them, the amusement rides like sleeping giants in the November twilight. The pavilions and eating stands were boarded up, the video game parlors securely locked. It looked less like an amusement park then an empty movie set where things might happen once the scene was dressed...deserted, yet quivering with potential. Her excitement and longing grew. To her, the park was even more enchanting in this quiet evening than it had been during those innocent days of picnics and swimming when she was a child, or the wild nights of her teenage years. Her parents had started her on the kiddie rides when she could barely walk, and graduallt she had worked her way up from the miniature steam train to the ferris wheel, the Scrambler and Himalaya, then the roller coasters and the nauseainducing Skydiver and Zipper. She had moved away after graduation and sampled other rides, and other thrills, in more modern parks across the country. But this modest place of amusement still had a special place in her heart, which was why they had returned here, on this day, in the offseason of the park. The day had been warm, and the asphalt they walked on still held the heat even though the breeze was cool. A smell of burning leaves came from a distant field. A few crows gave complaint in the stillness. She imagined the smell of popcorn and hotdogs, the cacophony of screams, laughter, and distant rock music from the rides. The rides waited like frozen dinosaurs, mute, yet full of potential power. Their lurid metallic hues looked fluorescent in the fading light. The rotating disk of the Trabant was still now, its garish sign unlit. The swing ride was missing its swings, the flume its water. The abandonment might have looked foreboding to someone else, but to her it only added to the anticipation. "There it is." The pavilion was a marvel. She had always thought it resembled a Moorish kiosk, decorated as it was with goldleafed minarets, silk banners, and layer after layer of decorative woodwork carved into cherubs, clown's faces, snarling dragons, and other fell beasts. The colors were those of a candy store: cherry red, royal purple, fuchsia, tangerine. She paused to admire it. "Inside, baby," he said. "Remember why we came here." He gave her a knowing wink. Technicians had been cleaning the pavilion so the canvas panels that covered the open sides were not drawn down. The thought of exposure both chagrined and excited her. They had already taken a big risk in breaking in here. Why not add one more? A nearby portable generator told them the park's power hadn't been entirely cut off yet. Probably the crews would be back tomorrow, cleaning the carousel before securing and locking it shut for the winter season. Her husband went off to find the control panel. She didn't have any doubts he could get it running. He was a wizard with his bikes, and had worked for a while as a heavy equipment operator. She sighed in anticipation. She had loved this carousel ever since she was a child. It was an original Dentzel, and the carved horses were original too, lovingly maintained over the years. The animals on the outside were the best. Snorting, stamping, rearing, they always seemed to be in a frenzy of agonized motionrandy stallions and mares imprisoned by the poles on their backs and set to gallop around the central axis, foreverthe upanddown motion both relieving their lust and adding to it. Some gazed up at the sky, others pawed the earth. The most desirable ones thundered straight forward. They all had names painted on their saddles: Thunder. Flying Cloud. Scout. A strange nostalgia gripped her. The park was where she had learned to flirt, to kiss, to fuck. She had a few animals that were her favorites. She liked the snarling tiger with his moghulstyle saddle, even though he did not move up and down like the horses did. Most of the exotic animals, like the ostrich and lion on the other side of the carousel, were standers. They always filled up fast, though. You had to quick if you wanted to ride on the tiger. Of the horses, she liked Lady, the white Arab filly. Her saddle was decorated with carved roses and she posed prettily with one foreleg raised, her head tucked coquettishly down. Then there was Hiawatha, whose head was pointed straight up the sky ("stargazing," as carousel enthusiasts called it), all four of his legs raised in midgallop. He was an Indian buckskin and carried a carved wooden lasso next to his saddle. She liked to pretend she was Annie Oakley when she rode him. But her very favorite was Tornado. He was one of the largest, a magnificent greydappled charger. His neck was arched and his head tilted to the side, so his carved wooden mane flared dramatically in a spiky, wavy crest. His forelegs were bent up as if he was going to charge or rear. She nodded to herself. Tornado, definitely. She spread the soft quilts over the horse's back, with a few firm cushions in strategic areas. She tied them down with strips of fabric. "How's it going, honey?" she called. "Nearly there." He stuck his head out of the control and grinned at her. He looked like a 14yearold with his tousled hair and dimples, despite the fact his high school years were nearly two decades years behind him. "Why aren't you on the horse? Remember you can't climb on so easily when this baby gets going." "It's cold," she said. "You won't be cold for long." He went back inside the booth. It hadn't hurt that he'd worked in this park during his college summers. That longago knowledge was being put to good use now. She took off her denim jacket, her jeans, her sweater and turtleneck. She couldn't help glancing around to see if anyone was staring at her. Silly, she reminded herself. They were in a deserted amusement park in the middle of nowhere, on a quiet weekend when people were more likely to be raking leaves or watching football games on TV. No one could get past the park's fences except those familiaras they themselves werewith its weak points. They had made, certain, too, to note the absence of security guards. She folded her clothes in a little pile, then removed her panties and bra. The cold was a sudden shock on her skin, teasing her nipples into painful little gems. She felt a breeze play along her belly. The atmosphere suddenly shifted from peaceful to erotic. She touched her bush, the soft lips of her pussy, amazed at the sudden sensation and moisture she felt there. She looked up. Tornado's pole connected to a framework of many others, all worked by pistons in the roof of the carousel. When in motion, all the horses were staggered to move in different rhythms, like an actual herd in full gallop. The rhythm would be implacable, unstoppable, once the machinery got going. She closed her eyes and smiled. She put one foot into the cold stirrup of the saddle and hoisted herself onto the horse's back. The quilts helped to deter the cold. She wouldn't have wanted to be in contact with the slick, chilly wood. As a child, this horse had seemed huge to her . Now she knew it was not the size of an actual stallion, though it was large enough still to accommodate an adult...or two. She sat in saddle but faced backwards, resting her back against the pole. Her husband came back with two long strips of cloth. He tied one around her waist to secure her to the horse's barrel, then crossed the other over her breasts to secure her to the pole. Then he took a piece of rope and looped it through the horse's jaw, making an actual set of reins for himself. "Sorry for the kink, darlin'," he said. "But we don't want you falling off now, do we?" "Oh no, of course not." He kissed her, and his mouth was the promise of pleasure to come. He kissed her breasts. She felt her flesh suffuse with sensation like ripples on a pond. His gentle tongue teased her nipples, compacting them into twin peaks of delight. "Don't be long," she whispered. "I don't intend to." He dashed back into the control booth. She closed her eyes, her back arching against the pole. She raised her arms behind her to grip it in her hands, and waited for the inevitable moment when the carousel would stir to life. The apprehension raced through her like her first time at the top of the park's roller coaster, like the first time she'd told a boyfriend YES. Was it? No. was. A tiny movement shuddered through the metal pole, and she felt herself rising. Behind her closed eyelids she saw a blaze of color as thousands of tiny light bulbs switched on, swirling patterns of yellow and red, white and blue. The music began, a triumphant calliope waltz. The horse slowly rose as high as it could, then dipped down again in a complete revolution. It started on another. Eyes still closed, she felt the warmth of a human body next to her. Her husband. She opened one eye. He smiled at her, eyes crinkling at their corners, as she and the horse descended. She saw his neck, his broad, nicely muscled chest with its coating of hair, his slightly rounded but still sexy abdomen...and his very erect cock, which pointed at her invitingly. The warm colors of the lights danced across his skin. "Enjoy the ride," she whispered, closing her eyes again and arching her neck. Her long hair rippled down her back. He adjusted the stirrups. She felt the horse shudder as he put one foot in the stirrup and raised himself up. He swung his right leg over her and placed his foot in the stirrup on the other side. She felt the improvised reins become taut as he took them up in his hands. This was how he would ride, standing in the stirrups over the saddle, as he rode her...and as she rode the painted wooden horse beneath her. She opened her eyes as his face descended to hers, and she opened her mouth to admit his kiss. The loving invasion sent new sensation through her. She sucked on his tongue like it was all the cotton candy and soft ice cream she'd ever eaten in the park, her head moving with the demanding pressure of his mouth. The warm nearness of his body drove her into a fever. The music was very loud, the closeness of the calliope, and the absence of other sounds in the park, sending delicious vibrations washing through her. The hard fleece of his beard rubbed against her neck. Her nerve endings kindled, shooting off little synapses that flowered greedy hunger in her breasts and wellmoistened sex. He took up the reins in a single hand and twisted a nipple, causing her to moan. With his mouth he sucked the other, the rhythm rising, falling, like the carousel horse she was now inextricably fastened to. His beard scratched the underside of her breast, a sweet, tormenting itch that started her hips into motion...rising and falling, a faster countermotion to the mechanical plunging of the carousel pole. She dug her fingers in his hair, guiding his head and hand lower. Sensitized as she was, she bucked and twitched when he touched her mound. A pity she was too well secured to touch it herself, but her safety had been paramount. He moved his fingers in a soothing circular motion. She was so wet they worked smoothly, smearing her fluids over her thighs and belly. She felt the warm juice cool in the breeze as they whipped around the carousel. She felt the liquids tighten on her skin. He touched her clit, and her hips jerked. Twisting, almost sobbing, she pressed herself into his hand, her own fingers rubbing her nipples. He knew she could come from a fingerfuck alone. But the passion must not come to climax too early. She heard him breathing over the music, a hoarse, excited rasp. She saw he was fully erect, his cock a stiff rod. It was easily the rival of any of the horses'. She gripped it with her fingers, massaging his balls as her other hand slid up and down. As always, she marveled at its length, the sheer hardness of it. As a child, how could she have ever believed that such a limp, pink silly thing could be such an object of terror and delight? She felt it jerk out of her fingers as he lowered himself onto her, his cock sliding home like a missing piece of a puzzle. Entered her, and clicked firmly into place. He gripped the reins with both hands and rode her with a wild abandon, thrusting forward as the horse rose on its slender pole, then fell. His rhythm fell into the overall rhythm, the graceful dance of the painted herd, the languid pumping of the carousel engines. Her hands circled her breasts, kneading them in time with his thrusts. Every inch of her skin felt exposed and laved in icy fire. Her mouth opened in glorious cries. She rubbed the soft skin of her calves over his firmer, hairier legs, then crossed her ankles behind his powerful thighs. Her breath turned into hisses. The calliope music filled her, engorged her. The horse flew beneath her. She traveled into a bright and unknown country, gilded hooves thundering ecstasy over every inch of her skin. Jolts of unbridled pleasure exploded through her body. The music vanished, as did the cold and the awkward position she held on the horse. The pleasure wracked her, went on and on, then faded like sparks of dying light. Limp, filled with sweet devastation, she felt him climb off of her. The carousel slowed. The music stopped. She felt a glass of champagne touch her lips. She opened her mouth to swallow. She had not forgotten the date. It had happened fifteen years ago, when, overcome with lust, she had let a gawky college junior bang away on her in the carousel's hard, wooden sledge seat. They had been too shy to try this back then, but age and experience had made them more daring. "Happy anniversary hon," her husband said. END This work is ed 1997 by Cobalt Jade (Cobaltjadeaol). This work may be be freely distributed over electronic media provided no fee is charged for its use. Charging a fee for this story, or publishing without author credit or this notice violates my .

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